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photo by Mindy Tucker

photo by Mindy Tucker

Hi! I'm Thai-American comedian from Anchorage, Alaska, but I've been in Brooklyn for ages. I'm a graduate from the American Musical & Dramatic Academy (theatre and acting) and the New School (screen and television writing). I've studied improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCBT) in New York and Second City in Chicago. I'm a 2016 NBC/UCBT Diversity Scholar finalist. I've performed with Live Dubbed Sitcoms at Videology, and the UCBT improv teams Blush and Zaddy. Now I improvise at Asian AF at UCBT and the improvised This American Life at Caveat/UCBT. You can also find me performing improv, sketch, storytelling, characters, and sometimes dance (enough times that I'd like to mention it thank you) at other numerous New York comedy beer puddles.

I currently host "WOKE AF: A Mind-Opening Variety Show," an all-inclusive comedy show where performers share social issues that they're passionate about, every first Tuesday of the month at 9 pm at UCBT East Village. I've also co-hosted "Not On My Reel," a show where we look at some great guest's worst stuff, with my talented friend Jon Bershad. I've worked with millennial news and culture website as a host for their daily news video series Mic Check.

This year I finished my second season directing monthly sketch shows with Boogie Manja, in which I got to direct 16 unique sketch comedy shows created by some of the best writers and performers in NYC. I also had the honor of directing the comedy show "What About Gayle" written by Chanel Carroll and Lagina King, which was up at the PIT and UCBT. 

I like making videos too, esp. with funny, smart friends! If you want to see check out "Pair of Pears" and College Humor CH2 video "Ghost Wine" in the video part.

My partner in crime is a pug/beagle mix named Jay, who I'm now calling Jaysephine. In her life she has destroyed two expensive vibrators.